Monday, 8 October 2012

Welcome, Lisa!

Happy Tuesday!  We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.  You know what we're thankful for? An awesome person named Lisa who is joining us at Building Beautiful. Lisa is an amazing human who embodies the idea behind building beautiful.  Why do we love this woman? She's the girl who jumps in with both feet and participates relentlessly.

Lisa in 10: Breathes deeper by the water. Can’t help but dance in the grocery store. Shows love with homemade pies and jars of jam. Gets anxious when there are dishes in the sink. Loves running (but only in theory). Thinks a pint of heirloom cherry tomatoes is one of life’s greatest gifts. Cries happy tears when she sees fruit trees. Often feels lonely in a crowded room. Has an incredible husband and beautiful friends.

And like that awesome second helping at Thanksgiving, this week comes with a double helping.  Check back on Thursday for our newest ideas.

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