Sunday, 20 January 2013

13 in 2013

I'm a girl who loves lists, at all times and in all forms.  I know these are more goals than resolutions, but resolutions are generally broken early on and these are achievable goals that can be carried through the year at a manageable pace.
1.  Take a Photography Course:  I have a beautiful little camera with beautiful little buttons, some of which I know what they do.  Most I do not.  Step one:  Take a photography course and actively work on taking better photographs.
2. Volunteer:  It's been a few years since I've volunteered with any regularity.  I've done a few single days here and there, but this year I want to find something regular.
3. Plan a secret trip for Fras: In the last few months, we've been like two ships in the night.   When we do go anywhere, he's the man who researches and plans.   The secret part will be tough since the poor fellow has to book his time off carefully.  The idea is a worry free weekend for him.
4. Handmade, more often:  Let me whine for a moment; I have been crunched for time lately.  The lack of time was compounded by Christmas and for the first time in years, I was one of those people in the malls Christmas Eve looking to finish shopping for gifts.  Standing in line, searching for 'stuff' to give people, I had a hard time reconciling the need to show people I loved them through purchasing something/anything.  My goal is to make more of the gifts I give people.
5. Speak more French: I feel like such an asshole when my family visits and I cannot keep up with them in French.  I can understand French, but just can't confidently conjugate verbs to respond quickly enough.  I am going to start back at beginners and practice with Mum while we're home alone.
6. Weekly cooking challenge:   Cooking is truly one of my favourite things.  I want to challenge myself to something new every week.  Think about it:  one new recipe a week and that's 52 new skills by 2014.
7. Explore the Hamilton Art Gallery:  This has been on our list for YEARS.  We are dedicated to the AGO, but I hear amazing things about the Hamilton Art Gallery.
8. Read more than I watch TV: I have no recollection of the books I read in 2012.  I know I started many, but completed few.  Small goal:  at least 13 books in 2013.
9. Be Kind: to myself and others
10. Write Letters: I am terrible at staying in touch with people and letters have such purpose.  13 letters in 2013.
11.  Be a tourist in Montreal:  Bear with me, but this is about to sound incredibly stupid.   It was only a few years ago that I actually went out and enjoyed my hometown.  When we go back to Montreal, we generally spend it with family and otherwise, I would be shopping with my cousin.  Don't get me wrong  - these are all enjoyable! It wasn't until we were standing in the Montreal Museum of Fine Art at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, marvelling at how gorgeous it all is and it struck me....why would I dedicate my time to galleries and museums in Toronto and not Montreal?
12. Master the ukulele:  I have a terrible understanding of music and so for my birthday last September I asked for a ukulele.  A ukulele is small and unintimidating.  It only has 4 strings!  I haven't dedicated any time to it and so in order to help understand structure and notes, I am going to try to pick up the ukulele.
13: Let go:   This is more of a quest for being mindful of letting stuff go.  So much of past experience informs how I act and expect to be treated. Bit by bit, I hope to let stuff go in 2013.

- Jess

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