Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Changing the Monday to Friday Attitude in 30 Minutes a Week

It occurred to me recently that with all this focus on building a more beautiful life, I haven’t really taken an opportunity to find ways to bring beauty into the everyday.  In an effort to do this, I started by writing out a sketch of what a typical weekday looks like for me.  It was pretty basic.  So how could I make things better in very simple ways?  How can I inject a little pick-me-up into every day? 
In the past I’ve alluded to my need to appeal to efficiency (not laziness).  This little plan of mine doesn’t have to be labour-intensive.  I wholeheartedly believe that people (me) will give up on plans which are too complicated, or require more energy than they generally have to spare.  In the spirit of keeping this a “30 minutes or less” sort of thing, I’ve suggested a plan which will only take about 30 minutes a week.  We can all spare 5 or 6 minutes a day if it’s going to put a smile on our faces.

Make it better Mondays – I will complete a random act of kindness on Mondays – doing something nice for someone else always makes me feel better.  Need some inspiration?  Check out this book:

Tasty Tuesdays – I’m going to pick up a yummy beverage either at lunch time or on my way home from work.

Wedding Wednesdays – Yes, I’m already married.  But my guilty pleasure is where TLC and weddings collide.  I’m going to watch my PVR’d wedding shows while hubby is out for the evening.  I might even make some popcorn! 

Thoughtful Thursdays – I’m going to take an opportunity on Thursdays to reconnect with a friend or acquaintance.  Just a little email or note to let them know they’re being thought of.

Fancy Fridays – It doesn’t take much to perk me up, and by the time Friday rolls around, I sometimes need a little something.  I’m going to try not to settle for jeans and a t-shirt just because it’s Friday.  I’ll be digging through my collection of jewelry and scarves to add a little oompf to my day.

What did I tell you?  Pretty simple!!  I used to subscribe to a completely different view of my weekdays.  I would say things like “Tuesday is just a day you have to get through” or “Wednesday – well at least the week is half over!”  Sound familiar?  I had to break away from framing my days with those negative attitudes.  Now, I’m going to think, “It’s Tuesday – I get to have a latte today!” or “I get to have guilt-free tv time tonight!”

My challenge to you – plan 5 minute activities you can look forward to and implement at least one of those each day of the week.  You might find a whole new meaning to the phrase “a case of the Mondays”!

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