Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Update: Changing the Monday to Friday Attitude

In an effort to build accountability, it made sense to provide a follow-up to my post from three weeks ago. So, have I been taking my own advice and spending a few minutes a day trying to make the ordinary moments more beautiful?  You bet I have!

I won't ramble on with all of the details, but I thought you might like the highlights. A "best of" so to speak. 

"Make it better Monday" was my favourite I think - although, I didn't realize how much I associated Tim Hortons with doing a random act of kindness. The pay-for-the-person-behind-you bit, the surprise-a-coworker-with-coffee bit, etc. I tried to put a different spin on it last week...still a Tim's thing though.  Our Canada Post carrier always looks so cold. I picked up a gift card for him and left it attached to our mailbox when I left for work.
 To change up my special hot beverage on "tasty Tuesday" last week, I left work at lunchtime and got myself a delicious strawberry smoothie.  Yum!

"Wedding Wednesday" is always a hit but I'm thinking I might change it up a bit tomorrow and switch from TLC to the movie "Bridesmaids".

Thursdays have been designated for reconnecting which has been neat. So far it's been via email, but it's led to a coffee date already and a general feeling of happiness.  :)

Fancy Friday got a bit interrupted this past week thanks to a (much appreciated) snow day. So instead of adding an over-the-top accessory to my outfit, I added some over-the-top accessories to a cheap IKEA light. Thought this might make a nice addition to baby's room!
I'm not sure the pictures really do it justice.

My question to you now is - what have you done to make your week more beautiful?

~ Shannon

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