Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Advent Run Update: Part 1

The first week of the advent run is done! The surprising thing is that it isn't as hard or as dreadful as I had anticipated.  In fact,  there were days where I caught myself looking forward to it.   Though it's just half an hour a day, it gives me some time to just let my thoughts flow freely without any boundary or destination.

In my run, here are 7 things that I am thankful for:

1. On damp and rainy nights, little bits of extra light get caught up in the reflections and I don't feel like I am running in a vacuum.
2.  That I can build consistent results that help keep me motivated.
3. A boyfriend who agreed to an advent challenge of giving me post-run massages. (I do realize that I am incredibly pampered)
4.  Long Johns.  I bought my first pair of long johns in 26 years and they are absolutely brilliant.  As the temperatures drop below the freezing point, I still have sensation in my legs.  Afer a few nights of coming back as a popsicle, you will realize exactly how awesome this is.
5. The safe barrier music can create between my mind and my body.  It drowns out and distracts the parts of me that just want to quit. 
6.  A quieting mind.
7.  The elderly gentleman who runs late at night and consistently kicks my butt.   He motors on, seemingly effortlessly.  He is not particularly fit, nor particularly fast, but he is consistent.  Despite age, fitness, weather or the dark, you can always push yourself a bit harder. After all, he is.


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