Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Second Day of Christmas: Getting Organized

With Christmas approaching, and the current state of my brain … ramshackle is the word that comes to mind … I figured I’d better get myself organized.  In case you haven’t seen a theme evolving in my posts, I like to make and keep things as simple as possible.  So clearly, my first step to getting organized would be to create a Christmas binder to help me stay on track.  As anyone who knows me will tell you, I LOVE a good graphic organizer, so this was totally up my alley.

There are some fantastic resources online, so I used existing templates and tweaked them to suit my needs.  At this point, I have to give a plug to the folks at Organized Home.  Their Christmas organizing pages are far more esthetically pleasing than mine are, but I have to make do with my limited technical savvy.  At their site you’ll find printable and editable pages that are likely to have you considering your holiday in great detail.

I went through the templates page by page, making note of the pages I wanted to use and/or edit.  Then I set to work personalizing each page:

Then I discovered another Christmas planner on the blog Lovely Little Snippets and I thought my mind was going to explode – see, I told you, I LOVE graphic organizers!!

The planning pages on this site are simple and beautiful – and FREE!

Once I had compiled the pages I deemed necessary, I filled my ink cartridges and started printing.  Each page got a page protector as well, just for good measure.

 If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the pages I created, click here.

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Happy Planning!

~ Shannon

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